Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still Life with Almonds

Soya Sauce and Almonds, Oil on Canvas Board (10" x 8")

Two days ago my wife made some delicious chowmein. While she was cooking I noticed this Soya Sauce Bottle and liked its unusual shape instantly (perhaps it looked unusual to me because I hardly ever much attention to the kitchen). I painted this one on a deep red background to go with the chinese food theme (Chinese restaurant sign boards in India are mostly painted with this kind of red :)).
I am not very sure if the almonds make any sense here. Besides they seem to be pointing out of the painting.
Thank you so much for dropping by. All comments and critiques are most welcome.


yasha said...

Lovely rich red in the background.Loved that little glass bowl.Good work!

Mani said...

I love the glass bowl, its reflection is awesome

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Excellent painting, beautiful shades of red and wonderful tones. Well done.

suzanneberry said...

this is just rich and lush. i think the almonds work perfectly..a lovely painting!

V. Deshmukh said...

Thank you so much everyone. These kind and encouraging words mean so much!

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful richness of colour and great composition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinayak Deshmukh,
I just came to your blog, via the blog of Qiang Huang.
It's great to see how your painting, and asking for comments. I was wondering; do you know of the American artists Scott Burdick, and Morgan Weistling? They both have great demo's on their website(and some stuff on youtube). Withe great lessons in it. I have learned a lot by just absorbing what they teach.
BTW, in this painting I realy like the red in combination with the darkness, and the lighter colours. It makes a good combination, I think. The lesson I was thinking about, are the edges of the almonds. I think it would benefit your painting if they were a lot sharper (but not the same amount for all). Some say the basics of painting are: drawing, values, edges, colour. Maybe it helps, to split difficult things up like this.
All the best to you!

Greetings from Iris, from the Netherlands.