Monday, June 6, 2011

Still life .... Oil on Canvas Panel

Wooden Coin Box and Jewelery Case, Oil on Canvas Panel (10" x 12")

Long name for a small painting. I was inspired by the still lives of the wonderful artist John Fernandes. So I set up this small arrangement and painted it yesterday evening in about 4 hours. I think I am happy with the result. I plan to paint more of these until I get a hang of such low key subjects.

I also had a little bit of news to share. Katherine Tyrell had hosted a competition on her blog Making A Mark asking the participants to name their favourite watercolourist of all times and the reason for that. My comment was selected as the winner and the prize is a calendar on Watercolour published by Tate London. You can see what the participants had to say about their favourite watercolourists here.

I am very excited about the whole thing since I did not expect to win at all.
Thank you all for stopping by.


Crystal Cook said...

This is beautiful Vinayak. :) I love the lost edges. I think that's my favorite part. And congrats on the win! So cool.

Anonymous said...

Good job. Nicely keyed color.

Vinayak said...

Thanks Crystal and Decker. I hope to do a few more.