Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Sketching in Railway Colony!

Railway Colony Quarters I, Pencil on Cartridge Paper, (8" x 12")

Railway Colony Quarters II, Pencil on Cartridge Paper, (8" x 12")

I have been working on an oil painting for nearly a week now and its still not complete. So I had nothing to post of late. Today morning I felt like doing some outdoor sketching. I did these sketches in Railway Colony, one of my favourite places for sketching and plein air work in Hyderabad. 

It was so refreshing to do these sketches. I just love to do pencil on paper..... no hassles and endless pleasure! What do you think?

All comments and critiques are most welcome. I will be posting the oil painting as soon as it is finished.
Thanks for stopping by.


yasha said...

Lovely sketches Vinayak.I love your pencil work and I agree that switching to pencil once in a while is really refreshing.Would also love to see your oil painting.

Juan Valdivia said...

Magníficos trazos y excelente composición.

Studio at the Farm said...

Excellent sketches. They are "refreshing" to view, as well.

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful sketches Vinayak! I love when you post your sketches, because they are incredibly good. And I can't wait to see the oil painting. :)

I love the way you draw buildings, the perspective is perfect. Great work!

Vinayak said...

Thank you so much Yasha, Juan, Studio at the Farm, and Crystal. Your comments always encourage me.