Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration and a Few Sketches

All of us know the importance of sketching  in the development of an artist. The work of Adebanji Alade sure stands testimony to this. He sketches on the bus, train, tube and everywhere else that he can find time. Needless to say all this hard work transforms into some marvelous paintings which win him awards and other recognitions regularly. He is a continual inspiration to me and I am sure to many others.

I have travelled about 6000 km by rail in the last 5 days or so on account of my work. Tiresome as it was, I could not do any painting. However, I did manage to make a few quick sketches.

Delhi Railway Station (Pen on Paper)

Handbag (Pen on Paper)

Dr. Ray (Pen on Paper)

Man Resting (Pen on Paper)

Morning in the outskirts of Jhansi (Pencil on Paper)

My feet (Pen on paper), 
these models are always ready to pose for a sketch ;)

All comments and critiques are most welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

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Arti said...

These are a bunch of really energetic sketches...sketching on the spot is a real art..good ones,these..
I am glad you enjoyed your holidays..Are we going to see some aqua paintings soon? :)