Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trevor Chamberlain, the master artist!

Summer Light, West Mersea, Oil on canvas 14" x 18"

This is my humble attempt at copying Trevor Chamberlain's "Summer Light, West Mersea". Trevor Chamberlain is amongst the finest of landscape artists all over the world. He is a very successful and celebrated painter who excels in watercolours as well as oils. He is a self taught artist and learned painting watercolours at the age of 40, all on his own. His work inspires me endlessly. I hope I have done some justice to the great master of our times.
This painting was done as a wedding gift for a very close friend who would  not accept anything else.


Linda said...

I am not familiar with Trevor Chamberlain, but will look for his work. However, this is a beautiful painting and a really wonderful wedding gift for your friend.

Prabal said...

I have had a chance to see this on ID&P..Great painting. Sis not know about Trevor Chamberlain. Thanks for educating me.

Sujit Sudhi said...

Fantastic work. You are turning into a master.

Guess what, I was killing time on the web and for some reason searched for 'Vinayak Deshmukh' and the google search engine came up with your blog.

Good to have a place to showcase your talent. Keep going.

Fernando Pena said...

This will be a wonderful gift for your friend, very nice painting

Randall Cogburn said...

Awesome rendition Vinayak, you brought more light into this one. I did one of Clear November Light, Bull's Mill which is a nice painting and man theres a lot to learn from him. I tell you Trevor does some really awesome paintings.